Our Services

We provide high performance aluminum frames in prestigious civil, commercial and residential complexes. We produce aluminium frames which are very versatile with a range of properties. Proneex aluminium frames are suits to apply in doors, gates, roofing and windows.

We specialized in Polycarbonate Awnings widely used in residential, industrial and commercial constructions. We carry awnings that provide greater design flexibility. Polycarbonate awnings can be produced in custom lengths and colours subjected to minimum order quantity.

Install Proneex aluminum louver do many advantages to your housing compound. Especially when designing buildings it’s useful to take these advantages into consideration such like light weight, lower the temperatures and decrease the UV harm to the human skin.


Proneex Awning & Gate Sdn Bhd specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of  awnings, glass roofing & skylight to a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial customers in Malaysia.

At Proneex our goal is to provide the best service to our customers. In the qualities roofing and skylight direct from manufacturing industry, Proneex is well known for constantly setting new standards for reliability.

We provide the best

Awning Solution

Louvres Roof

Proneex ensure the stuff provide the best service and installation in every single project for the product goods and durable 

Economic Price

We do provide the quality awnings , materials and gates with competitive price, it because we direct to factory , customize and manufacture

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customer choose Proneex is because reliability, resourcefulness and customized designs